Camping Incentives Initiative

Surgeon Guarding Program - Camping Incentives Initiative encourage sturgeon guards to set-up camp along the river, and to serve as sturgeon ambassadors to ensure a smooth transition of arriving and departing sturgeon guards.)

Campers/Ambassador Incentives

The greatest need is for campers/ambassadors to greet guards arriving for shifts, distribute hats, and explain the roles and expectations of the Sturgeon Guarding Program.

All sturgeon Guards will receive a Sturgeon Guard Identification hat but those who meet the following guidelines also receive:

Three to six nights of camping/ambassadors receive:

  • A one year honorary (free) SFT membership.
  • One signature sturgeon key fob.

Seven + nights camping/ambassadors receive:

  • Items listed above, plus:
  • Free, complimentary dinner(s) at Annual SFT Banquet, including banquet recognition.
  • Identification vest

Contact Mark or Ann Feldhauser, Volunteer Coordinators:

(906) 346-9511 home
(906) 201-2484 cell