Habitat Conservation Committee

Type of Committee: SPECIAL / STANDING


To conserve and enhance all life stage habitats essential (rivers and lakes) for sustainable lake sturgeon populations.


  • Establish crucial habitat for the long term sustainability of lake sturgeon stocks with emphasis on habitat restoration and enhancement for all life stages.


  • To facilitate and fund, in conjunction with habitat partners, the implementation of assessments, restoration, enhancement, and monitoring of sturgeon habitats for all life stages.
  • Develop a strategy to increase the potential to quantify natural recruitment.
  • Identify and remedy obstacles that may be inhibiting natural reproduction.
  • Stabilize streambanks where erosion is compromising the integrity of habitat.
  • Collaborate with FERC and Tower-Kleber Limited Partnership to maintain run-of-river mode.
  • Use telemetry to identify ideal habitats for each stage of development.
  • Continue participation in the interagency group developing lake sturgeon fishways.

Coordination with Other Resources:

  • All Committees and Board of Directors.
  • Co-ordinate efforts with MDNR FMFM, Huron Pines, Tip-of-the-Mitt Watershed Council, Upper Black River Restoration Committee, Burt Lake Preservation Association, Mullett Area Preservation Society, Cheboygan County/Townships, and any/all other fisheries habitat conservation agencies and funders.

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