Public Relations & Education Committee



Educate the public through communications that positively influence their attitudes, opinions, understanding and acceptance of the program of work of Sturgeon For Tomorrow.


  • Ensure the organization has a strong public image.
  • Plan and sustain efforts to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between Sturgeon For Tomorrow and the public.
  • Harness community support and promote knowledge of the goals and objectives of Sturgeon For Tomorrow.
  • Develop public outreach and education materials concerned with the importance of overall watershed management issues.
  • Educate toward the life history and rehabilitation and recovery efforts of lake sturgeon.
  • Encourage young people to develop environmental stewardship skills.


  • Facilitate Sturgeon In The Classroom
  • Conducted through the media: newspapers, television, radio, magazines, social media and internet.
  • Make presentations to youth, civic, environmental and sports organizations.
  • Conduct tours and field trips during annual spawning.
  • Assemble and staff a booth at outdoor shows.
  • Develop brochures and printed materials.
    • Provide educational materials for display at the Sturgeon hatchery and research center.
    • Provide educational materials which stress the importance of overall watershed management issues such as conservation, non-point source pollution, endangered species, etc.
  • Develop, create, and install interpretive signage to educate the public on restoration activities.
  • Maintain and improve the Sturgeon For Tomorrow website.
  • Provide periodic newsletters.
  • Provide scholarship(s) to local student(s) entering into fisheries or conservation field of study.

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