Research Committee

Type of Committee: SPECIAL / STANDING


To facilitate, assist and fund, in conjunction with research agencies, the implementation of scientific research to rehabilitate Lake Sturgeon populations.


  • PRIMARY:  To replenish, restore and encourage the natural reproduction of the Lake Sturgeon population in the Cheboygan River Watershed to self-sustaining levels.
  • SECONDARY:  Assist in an effort to replenish and restore Lake Sturgeon populations statewide.


  1. To facilitate research in the Assessment, Restoration and Enhancement of spawning habitat. 
  2. Assist in the annual netting and tagging of adults during the spawning run with that information used to set harvest quotas.
  3. Provide support for scientific research and equipment necessary to aid in Lake Sturgeon recovery.­­­ 
  4. Develop a strategy to aid natural reproduction and natural recruitment.
    1. Partner with Academia and fisheries researchers
    2. Work with DNR and tribes on sampling and surveys to collect biological data and life history of the lake sturgeon
    3. Use telemetry to identify ideal habitats for each stage of development.
  5. HATCHERY—Utilize lake sturgeon spawning stocks
    1. Collect larval samples
    2. Gamete takes
    3. Target stock out of 500 for each lake.

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