2009 Guarding Program

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Sturgeon Guarding Program Welcomes New Coordinators & Returning Ambassadors

Mark and Ann Wilson Feldhauser retired September 1, 2008, following a combined 55 years of service to the State of Michigan's natural resources.

Mark worked with the Department of Environmental Quality, primarily in the Land and Water Management Program, which oversees wetlands and watershed protection.

Ann retired from the Department of Natural Resources after a career as a communications specialist, working with the Press Secretary and the Office of Communications. Both have worked closely in the area of science, policy development and public involvement.

Together, they can offer the Sturgeon for Tomorrow Program a wealth of oversight experience, a deep and dedicated love for Michigan's natural resources, and imbedded communications and organizational skills. They are excited to become involved in the effort to restore and protect the immensely valuable sturgeon species and have always admired the long-standing program that exists to accomplish that mission.

Mark and Ann married September 1, 2007 at their home in Skandia, 15 miles south of Marquette, and are dedicated to anything that is an element of the outdoors.

Needing no introduction, Dick and Sylvia Sanford of Cheboygan will again be taking up camp on the river. The Sanford’s have volunteered well over 2,000 hours as Sturgeon Guards and have acted as base camp “Sturgeon Ambassadors” for several years.

Mark and Ann will be scheduling volunteers. They will also be at base camp (site B) as our "Sturgeon Ambassadors" for the first half of the Sturgeon Guarding Program (SGP). Dick and Sylvia will be at base camp as our “Sturgeon Ambassadors for the second half of the SGP.

The 2009 SGP is tentatively scheduled to start April 26 and run through May 30. Click here to register.

We SALUTE Mark and Ann and Dick and Sylvia for their leadership and volunteer stewardship! Please be sure to stop by base camp and say hello.

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