Black Lake Sturgeon Shivaree

Black Lake
Sturgeon Shivaree

February 2-3, 2018

Sturgeon For Tomorrow

Organizers are also seeking sponsors and volunteers to help make Shivaree a huge success!

Sturgeon For Tomorrow will be hosting the Black Lake Sturgeon Shivaree February 2-3, 2018. Activities for the Shivaree will again be in the entertainment tent on Black Lake in front of the former Black Lake Hotel. The Shivaree will coincide with the opening of the Black Lake Sturgeon season which opens on Saturday, February 3. Proceeds from the Shivaree will fund lake sturgeon hatchery, research, habitat conservation, and outreach programs.

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Sturgeon For Tomorrow, Brenda Archambo, , 231-625-2776.


Shivaree Sponsors Citizens National Bank Sunrise Communications Republic Services Rock 105 Big Country 102.9 Fernelius Moran Iron Works Awakon Federal Credit Union Natureology Manzana’s Restaurant 211 Out Post

Calendar of Events

Friday, February 2: Starting at 3pm

Saturday, February 3:

2017 Press

The Black Lake Shivaree was first introduced in 1961

The Shivaree on Black Lake celebrated the iconic lake sturgeon and brought together thousands of visitors and residents to beautiful northern Michigan.

In addition to sturgeon season, the event included outdoor queen contests with formal gowns and formal dinners for the contestants at the Black Lake Hotel, a giant snow stage, complete with a big block of snow that was watered down nightly for weeks to make a frozen staircase. This was a fantastic community event and an economic boom for the region. It drew people from throughout Michigan and the Midwest, filled motel rooms, restaurants, bars and shops in the region and was a significant cultural experience.

Please JOIN US as we celebrate the Black Lake Sturgeon Shivaree!!