Sturgeon For Tomorrow Membership

Interested in Joining SFT?

Your membership dues and contributions support to the following programming (a partial list):


  • Effective communications among and between local and state officials and organizations
  • Building collaborations
  • Grassroots awareness and advocacy
  • Natural Resource Stewardship


  • Sturgeon Guarding Program: Coordination of 350 volunteers who contribute 3,800 hours to protecting spawning sturgeon
  • Supporting Members of Michigan United Conservation Clubs


  • Access to local, state, national and international sturgeon research and recovery data
  • Statewide lectures/presentations
  • Opportunity to participate in sturgeon workshops, conferences, and symposia
  • Access to materials on lake sturgeon biology and reproductive ecology
  • Scholarships and youth mentoring


  • To ensure program implementation
  • Annual Banquet
  • Grant Writing
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Sponsorships

Public Relations

  • Organization Promotion/Increase Public Image
  • Members -World Sturgeon Conservation Society
  • Establishment of media relations
  • Media and group tours and field trips
  • Website management: promotion and marketing


  • Purchase of pit tags, pit tag reader, larval sampling Gear, submersible telemetry receivers, hatchery hardware and supplies
  • Weir construction/documentation of adult migration: time-lapse recorder and digital video
  • Thousands of volunteer hours

Spawning Habitat Protection

  • Establishment of a partnership among and between several organizations to protect/enhance spawning habitat
  • Purchase of engineer drawings required for grant applications to implement project, perhaps in phases

Sturgeon Advisory Council (SAC)

  • Coordination and facilitation of SAC
  • Focus of SAC
    • Management
    • Assessment
    • Law Enforcement
    • Progressive Public Involvement

THANK YOU for investing in our lake sturgeon research, conservation, education, and habitat enhancement.

Benefits & Membership Information

SFT Membership Sticker
  • Members of SFT benefit from knowing strategic planning of the organization have been and will be a positive contributor to possibly saving the species from extinction. (The aquatic bald eagle if you will.)
  • Members receive newsletters keeping up-to-date on all lake sturgeon issues
  • Members receive a membership card and Lake Sturgeon Logo window sticker
  • Sturgeon for Tomorrow relies on membership dues, charitable gifts and fundraising to further our purpose; to assist fisheries managers in the rehabilitation of a living fossil, the Lake Sturgeon
  • Your membership investment and contributions allow us to offer programs instrumental in preserving, what we believe to be, Michigan's most unique aquatic species. By standing together, we are able to create a brighter future for the prehistoric Lake Sturgeon.
  • Memberships run from January 1st through December 31st. SFT has nearly 200 members.
  • Membership dues are $25+ per household
  • Membership dues are tax deductible

SFT is a proud affiliate of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC), the Black Lake Association, the Black Lake Sportsman's Club, the Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce, the Indian River Chamber of Commerce and the Black Lake Sturgeon Shivaree.

We pledge that:

  • Our membership lists are not for sale or rent
  • We will never rent or sell your e-mail address or personal information to another e-mail delivery service
  • We will never use misleading subject lines to trick you into opening an e-mail message
  • We will always truthfully identify the sender as Sturgeon For Tomorrow in the "from" or "subject" line
  • We will never sign you up for third-party email lists
  • You may easily unsubscribe easily by contacting any one of our board members

Annual Membership Renewal

Please join us in our efforts to secure a brighter future for the majestic lake Sturgeon.

Your membership investment and contribution is the lifeblood of this organization and aids in the implementation of the many important programs initiated provided through SFT.

Meaningful work is ongoing through the Sturgeon Guarding Program, Guided Tours, Outreach and Education, Collaborative Research and Hatchery Operations, Habitat Improvements and monitoring, advocacy as well as supporting the development of Sturgeon in the Classroom. In 2016 we established a new dues structure but our devotion to the sturgeon has remained constant.

The base membership is $25 and a membership card and annual membership sticker will be sent to family renewals at all levels. A subscription to our Sturgeon General newsletter will be provided to each member.

A renewal at the Partner level of $50 to $99 will also receive recognition in the Sturgeon General newsletter and on our website.

A renewal at the Leader level of $100 to $499 will receive membership card and sticker, a subscription to the newsletter, recognition in the newsletter and a solid pewter Sturgeon For Tomorrow key fob.

A renewal at the Sustainer level $500 and above will receive all of the above plus a Guided Sturgeon Viewing Tour.