Sturgeon Guarding & Viewing Volunteer Form

Sturgeon Patrol 2021 Online Sign-up Sheet

Sunday April 25 though Saturday, June 6, 2021

To volunteer for the guarding please fill out the form below and press "submit", or contact:

Jim and Mary Paulson

Phone: (989) 763-7568

ALL STURGEON GUARDS MUST FOLLOW COVID 19 CDC GUIDELINES: Maintain at least 6 feet distance, wear a mask and sanitize hands.

Please fill out one form for EACH Volunteer (spouses / friends).

Those under 18 MUST have a chaperone present.

Sturgeon Guarding Map

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2021 Sturgeon Patrol Dates

Shifts: (1) 6 am to 12 noon - (2) 12 noon to 6 PM - (3) 6pm to 9 PM
Volunteer Guardsmen will patrol 9 PM to 6 am / DNR will patrol 24 hrs / day
Note: A minimum of 2 people at each site

NOTE: All shifts for May 1-16 are currently full.

May 1st - 15 Prime Spawn

Sunday 4-25 Monday 5-17
Monday 4-26 Tuesday 5-18
Tuesday 4-27 Wednesday 5-19
Wednesday 4-28 Thursday 5-20
Thursday 4-29 Friday 5-21
Friday 4-30 Saturday 5-22
Saturday 5-01 full Sunday 5-23
Sunday 5-2 full Monday 5-24
Monday 5-3 full Tuesday 5-25
Tuesday 5-4 full Wednesday 5-26
Wednesday 5-5 full Thursday 5-27
Thursday 5-6 full Friday 5-28
Friday 5-7 full Saturday 5-29
Saturday 5-8 full Sunday 5-30
Saturday 5-9 full Monday 5-31
Monday 5-10 full Monday 6-1
Tuesday 5-11 full Wednesday 6-2
Wednesday 5-12 full Thursday 6-3
Thursday 5-13 full Friday 6-4
Friday 5-14 full Saturday 6-5
Saturday 5-15 full Sunday 6-6
Sunday 5-16 full
Other Information:
Have you guarded before?
How many are in your group?
Do you have a site preference?
Will you be camping?
Would you be willing to work more than one shift?
Would you be available within an hour or two to volunteer?
Are you arriving the night before?
Will you need lodging?
Are you a member of Sturgeon For Tomorrow?
Would you like to become a member or know more about our programs?
Confirm & Submit

By clicking "Submit Guarding Form" I acknowledge as a volunteer there are risks associated with outdoor activities. I waive, release and discharge from any and all liability Sturgeon For Tomorrow, and indemnify and hold harmless the entity mentioned from any and all liabilities or claims made as a result relating to my participation in these activities.